Board of Directors


PRESIDENT Karen L. Wilhelm, Ph.D. 11-15 to 10-17
PRESIDENT ELECT Renee Low, Ph.D. 10-15 to 10-17
PAST PRESIDENT John Knippa, Ph.D. 10-13 to 10-17
SECRETARY Roger H. Riss, Psy.D. 01-16 to Present
TREASURER (FINANCE CHAIR) Thomas Bristow, Psy.D. 01-13 to 10-17
MEMBER AT LARGE Raphael Wald, Psy.D. 11-15 to 10-19
MEMBER AT LARGE Bob Gant, Ph.D. 01-13 to 11-18
MEMBER AT LARGE Cynthia Bailey, Ph.D. 11-15 to 11-18
MEMBER AT LARGE Paula Cooper, Ph.D. 11-14 to 11-18
PUBLIC MEMBER Dave Carter, Esquire 11-14 to Present
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Geoffrey Kanter, Ph.D. 10-13 to Present



03/06/16:  We have recently had some server outages that have delayed e-mail delivery.  If you have not received a response within 24 hours of sending your e-mail to committee staff, please resend your message care of the, "Contact Us" link, above.

EXAMINATIONS COMMITTEE Renee Low, Ph.D. 05-16 to Present
  APPLICATIONS COORD. Roger H. Riss, Psy.D. 11-12 to Present
  ORAL EXAM COORD. Karen Wilhelm, Ph.D. 05-16 to Present
  WORK SAMPLE COORD. Robert Perna, Ph.D. 07-16 to Present
  WRITTEN EXAM COORD. Renee Low, Ph.D. 01-16 to Present
MENTORS & EXAMINERS CHAIR Karen L. Wilhelm, Ph.D. 10-12 to Present
  MENTOR COORDINATOR Pauline Prince, Ph.D. 01-16 to Present
MEMBERSHIP & MARKETING Raphael Wald, Psy.D. 01-17 to Present
FINANCE Tom Bristow, Psy.D. 01-13 to Present
PRACTICE Randi Most, Ph.D. 01-13 to Present
ACADEMY OF ABN Paula Cooper, Ph.D. 01-14 to Present
WEBSITE ADMINISTRATOR John Knippa, Ph.D. 11-05 to Present
PROF. & ORG. DEVELOPMENT Patricia A. Pimental, Psy.D. 10-11 to Present
BYLAWS Roger H. Riss, Psy.D. 07-16 to Present
ACPN Howard Glidden, Ph.D. 2015 to Present
CONTINUING EDUCATION Robert Elliott, Ph.D. xx-xx to Present
AWARDS A. MacNeil Horton, Ed.D. xx-xx to Present
POLICY & PLANNING Roger H. Riss, Psy.D.  07-16 to Presnet
ABN REPRESENTATIVE TO IOPC Randi Most, Ph.D. 2013 to Present

x Positions open; duties assumed by other BOD or committee members.