Board Test


PRESIDENT John Knippa, Ph.D. 11-11 to 11-13
PRESIDENT ELECT John Meyers, Psy.D. 11-11 to 11-13
PAST PRESIDENT X 11-11 to 11-13
SECRETARY Sue Antell, Ph.D. 11-09 to 11-12
TREASURER (FINANCE CHAIR) Richard A. Berg, Ph.D. 11-10 to 11-13
MAL Geoff Kanter, Ph.D. 11-09 to 11-12
MAL Joan Mayfield, Ph.D. 06-11 to 11-12
MAL Stephanie Moore, Psy.D. 11-10 to 11-13
MAL Alan Lewandowski, Ph.D. 11-10 to 11-13
MAL Howard Glidden, Ph.D. 11-11 to 11-14
PUBLIC MEMBER Michael Scherneck 11-08 to 11-14
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Michael Raymond, Ph.D. 01-92 to Present
SPECIAL ASST TO THE PRES. Thomas Bristow, Ph.D. 11/11 to 11/12



MEMBERSHIP Geoffrey Kanter, Ph.D. 12-11 to Present
EXAMINATIONS Jeffrey Madden, Ph.D. 04-12 to Present
  APPLICATIONS COORD. Fred Kadushin, Ph.D. 01-12 to Present
  ORAL EXAM COORD. Stephanie Moore, Psy.D. 07-11 to Present
  WORK SAMPLE COORD. Paula Cooper, Ph.D. 12-11 to Present
  WRITTEN EXAM COORD. John Meyers, Psy.D. 11-07 to Present
  ADDED QUALIFICATIONS A. MacNeil Horton, Ed.D. 10-11 to Present
EXAMINER MENTORING John Meyers, Psy.D. 03-12 to Present
FINANCE Richard A. Berg, Ph.D. 11-10 to Present
WEBSITE ADMINISTRATOR Richard A. Berg, Ph.D. 11-05 to Present
PROF. & ORG. DEVELOPMENT Patricia Pimental, Psy.D. 10-11 to Present
BYLAWS Sue Antell, Ph.D. 10-11 to Present
CONTINUING EDUCATION Robert Elliott, Ph.D. xx-xx to Present
AWARDS A. MacNeil Horton, Ed.D. xx-xx to Present
PUBLICATIONS A. MacNeil Horton, Ed.D. xx-xx to Present
LEADERSHIP PROJECTS Bradley Sewick, Ph.D. 01-12 to Present

*2012 Executive BOD Elections:  Secretary, MAL
x Positions open; duties assumed by other BOD or committee members.