UPDATE!  The voting window has closed.  Thank you to all who ran and particiapted.  The election results are being tabulated, participants notififed and the results slated for announcement at the ABN annual meeting in Seattle at NAN, October, 2016.  Please be there to meet new board members, to meet others and join in the discussions.


The 2016 voting window is open and will close October 1, 2016.  Ballots have been delivered by Survey Monkey.  If you did not receive your ballot, check spam.  Also, contact Dr. Bristow (i.e., email link on the Director's list) if you need a paper ballot for this year only.  Please take a few moments to review the candidate statements provided by your 4 nominees.

Greetings colleagues,
My name is Sean Brannon and I’m asking for your vote for the position of Member at Large of the American Board of Professional Neuropsychology.

I am a forensic neuropsychologist and have been involved in criminal forensics for the past ten years. I work for the Department of State Hospitals in California. I am currently Chair and a founding member of my hospital’s Bioethics Committee. The hospital serves over 1500 psychiatric inpatients whom are forensically committed for assessment and treatment. My specialty and research interests are in clinical supervision, TBI, neurodegenerative diseases, psychometrics and symptom validity assessment.

Last year, I completed ABN’s course-work and mentoring to enable me to coach our candidates and to conduct oral examinations for the board. I have enjoyed serving the board and our membership and I know that there is much to accomplish in the years ahead.

I am a strong advocate of our nationally recognized professional boards and appreciate the dedication as well as the distinction that the board has earned. In the medical arena of which we are a vital part, board certification in one’s specialty is an expectation and is dignified both professionally and financially. Even the most seasoned of experts via experience can benefit from frequent contact with other dedicated professionals.

I have observed first hand, the significant changes in our patient population over the recent years. As our Nation’s average age rises, so does the number of patients who require our specialized services. The healthcare field in general, has been slow to respond to this rapidly growing need. Recently in California, Neuropsychologists were reinstated as a specialty for worker’s compensation claimants, after a two-year battle in the legislature regarding whether neuropsychologists are expert specialists and should be paid as such. During that period, there were many psychologists who claimed to have neuropsychology experience and qualifications who advertised dubious credentials at best. Now the courts will have to decide whether those two years of assessments will be forever questioned, and which of those patients were provided the appropriate standard of care.

As a “Member at Large” on our board, I will vigorously strive to continue the hard work that has been done to promote our specialty and to protect the gains that have already been made towards making your ABN continue be one of the most respected and prestigious board certifications possible the field of Psychology. Thank you for your support.

Sean P. Brannon Ph.D. – ABN

Paula Cooper, PhD

In 2011, I obtained board certification from ABN and wished to give back to the board, so I hit the ground running by accepting an appointment and became the Work Sample Coordinator.   In 20123I was elected as Member-at-Large (MAL). I am currently at the end of a three-year term of service. As MAL, I am a member of the Executive Committee.  Sitting on the Executive Committee has given me the opportunity to become directly involved with the administrative issues and has given me insight into the running of the organization as a whole.
Additionally, I serve as Chair of the Post-doctoral Programs Committee and I remain committed neuropsychology from our newly minted Academy of the American Board of Professional Neuropsychology (AABN). My hope is that by serving on the ABN board, I can continue to shepherd the AABN so that it continues to prosper and remain on the cutting edge at all levels serving faculty, staff, and residents of the member programs.
I would appreciate your vote so that my service to ABN and AABN would not be interrupted and I would be granted the opportunity to follow my goals to completion.

Connie Venhaus

Dear Colleagues,
I became board-certified with ABN in 2014, after four years of full-time practice in neuropsychology. Like many of you, I balance a full-time position with a small private practice on the side, and I am well-acquainted with the roles we juggle – clinician, clinical supervisor, consultant, and committee-member, just to name a few. My mentors and supervisors taught me early on that the way to repay their time and effort is to train, support, and advocate for our students and new professionals in the field. If elected, serving as a member-at-large is my way of “paying it forward.”

While I share our profession’s general concerns regarding reimbursement for neuropsychological testing and the use of neuropsychological tests by allied professionals not trained in our field, I am equally committed to supporting neuropsychology as the gold standard for evaluation of neurodevelopmental disorders, and to expanding opportunities for neuropsychology training, particularly in rural and underserved areas. Board certification in one’s field should suggest that an individual exceeds the minimum standards of the profession. I would work to uphold this ideal, if elected.

To share a little about myself, I work for Arkansas Rehabilitation Services, a state agency that provides comprehensive vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities. As part of this position, I evaluate patients with neurologic conditions and psychiatric issues through an outpatient medical clinic and field offices around the state. I supervise master’s level psychological examiners, and have supervised doctoral-level practicum students with interests in neuropsychology. I completed my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Fielding Graduate University, including a predoctoral internship at the Black Hills VA Healthcare System. I returned home to work full-time at Arkansas Rehabilitation Services, providing neuropsychological evaluations, with onsite supervision, through the agency’s former rehabilitation hospital. I concurrently completed the postdoctoral certificate program in neuropsychology through Fielding Graduate University.

Raphael Wald

My name is Raphael (Raphi) Wald and I am writing in order to seek your vote for ABN Member at Large. I am an incumbent MAL.  I have served in the past as a mentor for ABN applicants and as the work sample coordinator. Serving in these positions has provided me with familiarity with the board and the issues that are frequently dealt with. I presently work as the lead neuropsychologist at the Louis and Anne Green Memory and Wellness Center at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). We are a state certified dementia clinic and adult day center providing comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, social work case management, cognitive rehabilitation and many other services. In addition to this position, I am also the team neuropsychologist for FAU athletics. We are a division 1A program with a football team (in addition to just about every other NCAA sport) so as you can imagine I see a great deal of sports concussions. I am committed to continuing to do everything in my power to help strengthen ABN. Please do not hesitate to contact me at if you have any further questions for me.

News Bits from the President

Richard Berg —  January 31, 2016

Please join the ABN Board of Directors in thanking Dr. Sue Antell, ABN's long time Secretary, for her invaluable service to the Board. Her contributions have been substantial. Dr. Antell recently submitted her resignation as she is winding down her clinical practice and moving on to other things. Her presence on the Board will be sorely missed, but we are pleased to announce that the Board has appointed Dr. Roger Riss, ABN's Applications Coordinator, to this position. Dr. Riss will also continue as the Applications Coordinator. We feel sure that he is well equipped for the job, and look forward to having his input as a a member of the Board of Directors.

ABN's Examination Committee has experienced a period of transition, with the prior Work Sample and Written Examination coordinators stepping down to pursue other interests. We are happy to announce that Dr. Raphi Wald has been appointed to the position of Work Sample Coordinator, and Dr. Renee Low has been appointed to the Written Examination Coordinator. Dr. Riss will continue as Applications Coordinator, and Dr. Jeff Madden will continue as the Oral Exam Coordinator, and the overall Examination Chair. Additionally, Dr. Pauline Prince is taking over as Mentor Coordinator.

The ABN Board of Directors has recently voted to make some minor changes to the Application process, and the amount of time allowed to complete the application process. Instead of requiring applicants to move from one phase of the exam process to the next within a specific amount time, there is now an 7 year candidate window, starting with the date the application is officially accepted. This will be outlined in greater detail in the forthcoming Applicant Handbook revision. Please check back frequently for the new Handbook.

ABN is currently reviewing its Maintenance of Certification criteria, and updating the criteria to a requirement that is more in keeping with current standards. You may know that many, if not most, organizations in the medical arena are moving away from a maintenance of certification requirement that can be satisfied by CE's exclusively, moving to more of a matrix format.  ABN has a committee that is already hard at work, designing our new MOC model.  We will have more on this topic as the project progresses.  We hope to have approved a new MOC system, and to be piloting it this spring.  Stay tuned for more information!


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John Knippa —  September 1, 2014

Passing of ABN Diplomates:

2014 has been a very productive year for ABN.  But, we pause to note the passings of some of our members who have been very influencial and visible with ABN and neuropsychology at large:  Drs. Robert Sbordone, Lawrence Hartlage, and Ralph Reitan.  They will be missed.

Please look for recent postings on ACPNTalk, npysch and the Winter 2014-2015 ABN Newsletter for history and tributes.

John Knippa, PhD ABN