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Whom to Contact:

If you are an applicant and have questions about your application or examination process, please select the appropriate Examination Coordinator from the list below and contact them directly (click on Coordinator’s name to e-mail them).

For other questions, please contact the appropriate Board member or Committee Chair (click on individual’s name to e-mail them directly).

For questions about dues or payments, please contact the Treasurer.

To verify an ABN Diplomate’s status, please fill out the form: Official Verification of ABN Diplomate

ABN Executive Board

PRESIDENT Renee Low, Ph.D. 10-17 to 11-19
PRESIDENT ELECT Paula Cooper, Ph.D. 10-17 to 11-19
PAST PRESIDENT Karen L. Wilhelm, Ph.D. 10-17 to 11-19
SECRETARY Roger H. Riss, Psy.D. 01-16 to Present
TREASURER (FINANCE CHAIR) J. Audie Black, Ph.D. 10-17 to Present
MEMBER AT LARGE Adam McDermott, Psy.D 10-18 to 11-19
MEMBER AT LARGE Carlton Gass, Ph.D. 10-18 to 11-21
MEMBER AT LARGE Cynthia Bailey, Ph.D. 11-15 to 11-21
MEMBER AT LARGE Glen Getz, Ph.D. 10-17 to 11-19
PUBLIC MEMBER Dave Carter, Esquire 11-14 to Present
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Geoffrey Kanter, Ph.D. 10-13 to Present


ABN Committee Chairs & Coordinators

EXAMINATIONS COMMITTEE Renee Low, Ph.D. 05-16 to Present
APPLICATIONS COORD. Roger H. Riss, Psy.D. 11-12 to Present
ORAL EXAM COORD. Adam McDermott, Psy.D 11-18 to Present
WORK SAMPLE COORD. Robert Perna, Ph.D. 07-16 to Present
WRITTEN EXAM COORD. Connie Venhaus, Ph.D. 1-19 to Present
MENTOR COORDINATOR Pauline Prince, Ph.D. 01-16 to Present
MARKETING Currently unfilled* TBD
FINANCE J. Audie Black, Ph.D. 10-17 to Present
PRACTICE Randi Most, Ph.D. 01-13 to Present
ACADEMY OF ABN Glen Getz, Ph.D. 10-17 to Present
WEBSITE ADMINISTRATOR Michael DeBellis, Psy.D. 1-19 to Present
PROF. & ORG. DEVELOPMENT Patricia A. Pimental, Psy.D. 10-11 to Present
DIVERSITY Jaime Wilson, Ph.D.  07-19 to present
ETHICS Cynthia Bailey, Ph.D. xx-xx to Present
BYLAWS Roger H. Riss, Psy.D. 07-16 to Present
ACPN Howard Glidden, Ph.D. 2015 to Present
CONTINUING EDUCATION Robert Elliott, Ph.D. xx-xx to Present
AWARDS A. MacNeil Horton, Ed.D. xx-xx to Present
POLICY & PLANNING Roger H. Riss, Psy.D. 07-16 to Present
ABN REPRESENTATIVE TO IOPC Randi Most, Ph.D. 2013 to Present


*For unfilled positions, duties are assumed by other BOD or committee members.