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How is ABN different from other boards?

ABN first views all neuropsychologists, those not yet boarded and those with other recognized boards, as having shown important commitment to the field, to our colleagues, clients, and patients. ABN strives to recognize professional, personal, and marketplace realities regarding education and training, while not compromising on maintaining high standards for credentialing. We take pride in offering mentoring and collegial processes and strive to develop synergy among colleagues. ABN does not emphasize differences from other organizations, so much as we see common responsibilities to colleagues and consumers of our services.

What if I see only kids, adults, or geriatric patients?

ABN’s certification process takes the approach that all competent neuropsychologists must demonstrate common, core areas of knowledge, experience and skill, those being in addition to specialty population competencies. ABN’s examinations cover core areas as well as specialty skills and application.

Does ABN have an official scientific journal?

Yes. ABN Diplomates receive 2 official journals: Applied Neuropsychology-Adult and Applied Neuropsychology-Child. To access the journals, please log-in and access diplomate-only content. Both journals are also available to Affiliate Members of ACPN.

What is ACPN?

The American College of Professional Neuropsychology (ACPN), sometimes referred to as “The College,” was created by ABN to promote continuing education and corresponding professional development activities. Diplomates of the American Board of Professional Neuropsychology are Fellows of the College. Thus, while the primary energy of ABN is focused on educational standards, credentialing activities, and practice matters, ACPN activities are directed to educational activities and Maintenance of Certification planning. For more information, including details for Affiliate Membership, see the ACPN tab.

Is there a refund policy for dues and other payments?

All sales are final. Except in the case of accidental overpayment, all fees are non-refundable, including the ABN candidate initial application fee, all examination fees, ABN annual membership dues, and ACPN Affiliate dues. Donations to the Ted Blau Fund are also non-refundable.

How do I verify that a practitioner is credentialed by ABN?

Please forward your inquiry to the ABN Executive Director who can address verification requests. Click Here.

I have other questions. Who can I talk to about ABN?

Click the link for the contact information for ABN’s Board of Directors and send an e-mail.