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Mission and Philosophy


ABN’s mission is to establish and maintain professional standards for competence in the practice of clinical neuropsychology. Objectives include:

  • Validating the skills of clinical practitioners
  • Signifying the practitioner has demonstrated competence through rigorous peer review
  • Offering means for maintaining professional practice competence through continuing education
  • Providing professionals and consumers with a referral directory of ABN Diplomates.


ABN recognizes that there are fewer board certified neuropsychologists than nonboarded neuropsychologists. It is healthy for the field to encourage development and peer reviewed competency. During the ABN board certification, when an area of weakness or needed growth is discovered, we strive to address that through direct feedback, mentoring, and/or formal continuing education. The goal is to offer neuropsychologists a means of achieving peer recognition as competent practitioners through a collegial and collaborative certification process.

Recognition by ABN, through granting board certification and the diplomate status in neuropsychology, signifies to the public and to other health professionals that the practitioner has successfully demonstrated competency in applied neuropsychology through examination and peer review. Yet, ABN also sees competence as not static, rather an ongoing process of professional development. Diplomates are required to maintain continuing education and to contribute and participate in professional growth.