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  • About Us
    • The American College of Professional Neuropsychology is affiliated with the American Board of Professional Neuropsychology (ABN) which is a credentialing organization for professionals who demonstrate a high degree of proficiency in the field of neuropsychology.
  • The American College of Professional Neuropsychology exists for and is dedicated to the following purposes:
    • Support for those principles, policies and practices that seek the attainment of the best in clinical neuropsychological patient care.
    • The pursuit of excellence in psychological education, especially as it concerns the clinical neuropsychological sciences.
    • The pursuit of high standards in the practice of clinical neuropsychology and support of the credentialing activities of the American Board of Professional Neuropsychology.
    • The communication of scientific and scholarly information through continuing education, scientific meetings, and publications.
  • ACPN Journals
    • Official Journals of the ACPN are published by Taylor and Francis.  The Editor-in-Chief is Arthur MacNeill Horton, Jr., Ed.D.  Both journals are received by all ABN Diplomates and ACPN Professional and Student Alliliates, available in online access (and print access for an additional fee).  To subscribe, go to the link for ACPN Affiliate Application.
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  • Recent ACPN Sponsored and Co-Sponsored Events
    • HIMS Basic Education Seminar, Denver, September 2019
    • 7th Annual Aviation Psychology Seminar, Washington, DC, September 2019
    • Meyers Neuropsychological System: Phoenix, Az. May 2019
    • 6th Annual Aviation Psychology Seminar, Denver, CO, September 2018
    • Meyers Neuropsychological System, Tampa, FL, May 2018