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Please join the ABN Board of Directors in thanking Dr. Sue Antell, ABN’s long time Secretary, for her invaluable service to the Board. Her contributions have been substantial. Dr. Antell recently submitted her resignation as she is winding down her clinical practice and moving on to other things. Her presence on the Board will be sorely missed, but we are pleased to announce that the Board has appointed Dr. Roger Riss, ABN’s Applications Coordinator, to this position. Dr. Riss will also continue as the Applications Coordinator. We feel sure that he is well equipped for the job, and look forward to having his input as a a member of the Board of Directors.

ABN’s Examination Committee has experienced a period of transition, with the prior Work Sample and Written Examination coordinators stepping down to pursue other interests. We are happy to announce that Dr. Raphi Wald has been appointed to the position of Work Sample Coordinator, and Dr. Renee Low has been appointed to the Written Examination Coordinator. Dr. Riss will continue as Applications Coordinator, and Dr. Jeff Madden will continue as the Oral Exam Coordinator, and the overall Examination Chair. Additionally, Dr. Pauline Prince is taking over as Mentor Coordinator.

The ABN Board of Directors has recently voted to make some minor changes to the Application process, and the amount of time allowed to complete the application process. Instead of requiring applicants to move from one phase of the exam process to the next within a specific amount time, there is now an 7 year candidate window, starting with the date the application is officially accepted. This will be outlined in greater detail in the forthcoming Applicant Handbook revision. Please check back frequently for the new Handbook.

ABN is currently reviewing its Maintenance of Certification criteria, and updating the criteria to a requirement that is more in keeping with current standards. You may know that many, if not most, organizations in the medical arena are moving away from a maintenance of certification requirement that can be satisfied by CE’s exclusively, moving to more of a matrix format.  ABN has a committee that is already hard at work, designing our new MOC model.  We will have more on this topic as the project progresses.  We hope to have approved a new MOC system, and to be piloting it this spring.  Stay tuned for more information!