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Dr. Antell’s Candidacy Statement

From: Sue E Antell

Current Position: Secretary

Position Sought: Secretary

Dear Colleagues:

For the past three years I have held the position of Secretary of the Executive Board of ABN. As you well know, the past few years have been fraught with multiple challenges and conflicts, but under the able leadership of John Knippa and other invaluable members of the board, we have managed toe xtricate ourselves from multiple difficulties, bring about resolution of serious financial difficulties and chart a course towards future growth and insuring our future.

As the past three years have been years of recovery, so the next three will be years of renewal. I expe ct our board to emerge stronger than ever from this process. Although I am personally looking forward to semi retirement from our profession, I remain committed to the success of ABN ask for your vote to allow me to continue on the path so recently begun, and to finish the work which we have just started. Thank You.

Sue Antell PhD ABN