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Added Qualifications

The American Board of Professional Neuropsychology identifies those neuropsychologists whose training, professional experience, continuing education, and ongoing commitment to excellence in providing neuropsychological services to specific populations. These individuals are identified through peer review and examination. Recognition of expertise is noted through granting the ABN Added Qualifications Certificate.

The areas of Added Qualifications being examined by the ABN include:

  • Forensic Neuropsychology
  • Geriatric Neuropsychology
  • Rehabilitation Neuropsychology

Criteria for Application for the ABN AQ certificate must demonstrate:

  • Membership in good standing in the ABN for a minimum of two years.
  • Minimum of 3 years post-doctoral experience in Added Qualifications area.
  • Recent and ongoing continuing education in the Added Qualifications area.

ABN Diplomates may apply for any number of Additional Qualifications designations. Each application should be submitted separately and will be acted upon separately. Granting of Added Qualifications is subject to annual review and annual audit of continuing education in each area of expertise.

Added Qualifications Application