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Forwarding ABN Applications, Endorsements, Work Samples & Fees

For the most prompt responses, please use Email.  However, you may alternatively forward materials by fax or U.S. Mail.

ABN Application and Endorsements:

Applications Coordinator (Standard and Senior Option Applications, Endorsement Letters):

Roger H. Riss, Psy.D., ABN 
Applications Coordinator, American Board of Professional Neuropsychology
Neuropsychology Department,
Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital
5401 South Street, Lincoln, NE, 68506

Ph  402-413-3551 | Fax  402-413-3514

Work Samples:

Work Sample Coordinator (for any Work Sample questions, including transmittals.):

Robert Perna, Ph.D.

Paying ABN Application Fees:

We strongly encourage you to pay your Application/exam fees online.  Online payments made via credit card or your PayPal Express account will allow for the quickest processing of your new application and scheduling your exams. An automatic invoice/receipt will be mailed to you if paid online. Fees may alternately be paid by check or money order (details below).

New Applicants:

Visit theJoin Us(click hyperlink) page initiate your application and select the appropriate application option to pay the fee online. If you mail your payment by check, your account will not be approved until your check is received and clears deposit. If you are paying online, please select either “Pay with credit card” or “PayPal Express Checkout” and follow all prompts until you receive a payment confirmation. For paying by check or money order, please follow the separate instructions below.

In addition to setting up your online account submitting your application submission payment, please complete the paper copy of the ABN application according to the handbook and submit your application and all requested materials to the Applications Coordinator (instructions at top of this screen).

Current Candidate – Pay Exam Fee:

Log-in to your account via the ‘Member Login‘ button on the right toolbar. Once you are logged in, click the ‘Update Your Profile / Renew Dues‘ link. Under the ‘Membership Details’ header, you will see your current Membership Level indicated. Please click the ‘Change’ hyperlink to upgrade to the appropriate examination stage and pay the exam fee.

If paying online (preferred method):

Select either “Pay with credit card” or “PayPal Express Checkout” and follow all prompts until you receive a payment confirmation. Your submission will be reviewed by an exam coordinator before being approved. If you pay online, your payment will process after approval has been granted.

If paying by check/money order:

Click “Invoice Me” on the payment page. When mailing your payment, please enclose a printed copy of the invoice generated to ensure your payment will be attached to the correct account. Failure to enclose the appropriate invoice will delay processing your application. Note: a copy of the invoice was also e-mailed to you, which you can print at a later time, if needed.  If you mail your payment, you will not be granted approval until your check or money order is received and clears deposit.

Payable in US funds to: American Board of Professional Neuropsychology

Mail to:
Ryan Ernst, Psy.D., ABN
ABN Treasurer
P.O. Box 6393
Lincoln, NE 68506



Applicant Fee Schedule


Early Career Applicants (<2 years from postdoctoral completion at time of payment)
·       Application Submission
·       Written, Work Sample or Oral Examination (each)
·       Re-Examination (each)
Standard Applicants
·       Application Submission
·       Written, Work Sample or Oral Examination (each)
·       Re-examination (each)
ACPN Affiliate
·       Professional
·       Trainee (Grad student thru post-doc fellows)
Senior Career Applicants (earned doctoral degree before 01/01/2005)
·       Application Submission
·       Written, Work Sample or Oral Examination (each)
·       Re-Examination (each)

Refund Policy:

All sales are final. Except in the case of accidental overpayment, all fees are non-refundable, including the ABN candidate initial application fee, all examination fees, ABN annual membership dues, and ACPN annual membership dues. Donations to the Ted Blau Fund are also non-refundable.

PDF Step-by-Step Guides for Candidates:


Download-PDFABN – New Candidate Profile & Application Fee Payment


Download-PDFABN – Multiple Choice Exam Payment


Download-PDFABN – Work Sample Payment


Download-PDFABN – Oral Exam Payment


Download-PDFABN – Re-Examination Payment