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Dr. Bristow’s Biography Abstract

I began working in the field of neuropsychology when I had a 15 week rotation during my predoctoral internship at the University of Virginia.  I practiced clinical neuropsychology for a number of years before enrolling in the Fielding postgraduate program in order to help prepare for board certification, which I received from ABN in November of 2008.  Currently, I am a tenured, associate professor at Lewis University coordinating a graduate program in psychology.  I also developed and teach a series of workshops in neuropsychology which address the issues that our graduate students will encounter.  I am also in the process of conducting two research projects; both addressing mental control.  When not teaching, I work in corrections/forensics, so my involvement in neuropsychology essentially consists of two positionsEarly on in my career, the majority of my neuropsychological assessments were focused in elementary and secondary education; assessing cognitive, learning disabilities and behavioral concerns.  Now the majority of my assessments are in the forensic field.  I am also an examiner of work samples for the board certification.

My administrative experience involves the coordination of a graduate program in psychology and I have been chair of the council that oversees all of the graduate programs in the College of Arts and Sciences at Lewis University.