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Dr. Lovejoy’s Candidacy Statement

I am a neuropsychologist in Connecticut and was boarded with ABN in 2009. I currently serve in the Department of neurosurgery at Hartford Hospital where I co-direct postdoctoral training in neuropsychology, neuropsychological aspects of awake brain surgeries, WADA evaluatons, and neuropsychology within a cerebrovascular clinic and a head injury clinic. In addition, I serve as Associate Vice President and Senior Medical Director (neuropsychology) within the Disability and Long-Term Care Medical Departments at MassMutual Finanancial Group. I am an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Traumatology at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine where I am responsible for part-time instruction in neuropsychology for emergency medicine, neurology and psychiatry residents rotating through Hartford Hospital’s cerebrovascular and head injury clinics. I have been active in volunteer work at both the state and national levels. I am an active member and past president of the Connecticut Neuropsychological Society. I have also served on the National Academy of Neuropsychology PAIC for the past three years. I would like to become more active in the ABN organization and I am running for the ABN secretary position. I would appreciate your vote.