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Becoming a Diplomate

The examination procedure is intense and demanding. Granting of the ABN Board Certification Diplomate Status signifies demonstration of competence as a clinical neuropsychologist. Successful candidates are encouraged to participate in an extensive examiner-training program and become active in the ABN certification process.

For a summary of the criteria, see the Applicant Handbook, under the Application Materials tab(s).  Note that application criteria have been recently updated and the application revised accordingly.  Please download the latest version of materials when completing the application.

ABN Applicant Handbook Link

General Instructions

The ABN application and examination process requires successful completion of 4 phases: The Application, Written Examination, Work Sample, and Orals examinations. ABN seeks to maintain high standards in keeping with our mission, while also promoting and offering a collegial process toward professional review and development and ultimate attainment of the diplomate. These steps are outlined in detail in the Applicant Handbook.

Timeframe Policy

Once the application is accepted, the applicant is considered to be a candidate for board certification. Some well-prepared candidates have successfully completed the examination process in as little as 6 to 9 months, while others have taken longer. Candidates have a maximum of 7 years, from the date their application was approved, to complete the board certification process, at which time their candidacy period will expire. A candidacy window may also expire in the event that a candidate exhausts all opportunities to re-take a failed portion of the examination.

Mentoring Process

ABN can provide you with a mentor to help guide you through the boarding process. A mentor is someone who has already been through the boarding process, and is available to answer questions about his or her experience with the process. A mentor can also give you suggestions about study materials that he or she found helpful in preparing for the examination. To request a mentor, you may contact the mentor coordinator at: